Agios Athanasios chapel is located 1 km to the north of the settlement Parthenon, on the border of NATURA 2000. It celebrates on May 2 the resurrection of the relics of Agios Athanasios. 

It is a temple of the Ottoman Empire built on the ruins of an older larger temple. 

It is a single room with a covered narthex and low entrance. A simple chapel, built of stone and plastered. The iconostasis is built and the Holy Table is adapted to the niche of the sanctuary. The icon of Saint Athanasios is very old and Miraculous. 

In the old days, when it was celebrated, the breeders offered milk and cheese and boiled rice pudding under the big oak, north of the temple. The priest blessed it and offered it to the faithful. 

100 m away there was a threshing floor (now a parking lot) that was used to dance at the festival. 

In 1992 the chapel was restored on the initiative of the Cultural Association of PARTHENON and in 2001 the roof was renovated with the assistance of the inhabitants of the Parthenon. It is taken care of by the church committee of the parish of N. Marmaras and the Cultural Association of PARTHENON. 

Its age can be estimated approximately from the centuries-old oaks that considered them sacred trees and did not cut them because they characterized the "hill". 

Historical: Byzantine era 

In 1300 the Holy Monastery of Xenophon had a metochi in the area of ​​Tripotamos. Patron Saint of the monastery was Agios Panteleimon, for this reason the Holy Temple of the Parthenon is dedicated to Saint Panteleimon

In 1300 also, in the area of ​​Tripotamos,  the Monastery of the Great Lavra   had a "cell dedicated to Saint Athanasios". The chapel is probably a remnant of this era.