Clearing - Maintenance of paths

Our purpose is to register, clear and maintain old paths in Dragountelis, that were used by the inhabitants for communication and daily activities. Our ultimate goal is to create a network of paths through which all the settlements in the wider area of ​​Sithonia will communicate. 

In this collective effort, apart from the members of Koin.S.Ep. a lot of volunteers have assisted as well as Municipal Authorities, thanks to their support the work that has been done is truly amazing.

A lot of kilometers of hiking trails


The first two stands with the Path Map were placed, the first in the center of the village and the second in the Parthenon. Special thanks to Mr. Pournaris of Athina Palace Resort and Spa for his generous offer. There are two more stands remaining, which will be placed after the 3rd DEKE has granted permission, on the provincial road to Sarti, one at the entrance to the Manna Nerou Path and the other at the entrance to the Milos 

We remind you that the trail maps are printed on paper and are available to anyone interested 


World Forest Day was established by the United Nations to be celebrated  on the 21th of March each year  to raise awareness among citizens and governments about the importance of forests and all ecosystems for human life, climate conservation and biodiversity. 

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Path Signaling


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