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Itamos (taxus baccata)

The 2000 years old Itamos of Europe ... is located here in Sithonia, Halkidiki ... 

Itamos (scientific name Taxus baccata, Yew tree in English). It is an evergreen tree, powerful in toxicity. It is a tree that grows slowly and lives for many years, sometimes exceeding 2,000 years of growth. 

It is probably the longest-lived tree in Europe. 

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Metochi I.M. Konstamonitou (Kastamonitou). It was founded in 1420 according to the gold bullion of Ioannis the 5th Paliologos. 

In the first Ottoman years around 1430 the Metochi of Tripotamos was created. In 1478 its borders were secured with the imperial gold bullion of John V Palaiologos.

 It is a large complex, the most characteristic example of popular shareholder architecture, a complete monastic structure. 

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Metochi "Gregoriatiko" or "Parthenon "as the monks called it in their official documents, is located in N. Marmaras "is about an hour away from the Parthenon and about  3 & 1/2 hours from Ancient Toroni. In the area of ​​Metochi is also included the port Balabani, the best port in Toroneos Gulf. Metochi Grigoriatiko is one of the older estate of GrigoriounMonastery, as evidenced by all the official documents of the Monastery from 1429 onwards ".

This description is given by documents of I.M. Gregoriou in 1905, when Neos Marmaras did not yet exist. His contribution to the Macedonian Struggle was significant . 

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Chapel located 1 km to the north of the settlement Parthenon, on the border of NATURA 2000. It celebrates on May 2 the resurrection of the relics of Agios Athanasios. It is a temple of the Ottoman Empire built on the ruins of an older larger temple. 

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In Tripotamos, in the area of ​​Anigmata, there is the largest threshing floor in the area, the Paved Threshing Floor (Stromeno Aloni).

The threshing floor is a circular flat area used for separation cereals (wheat, barley, etc.). The threshing floors were built in open places, hills or ravines, in places where strong wind blows and helps in the threshing.

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The Mylos Konisti's belongs to the category of watermills with a horizontal water wheel, also known as the Greek type. It was the property of the Holy Monastery Gregoriou of Mount Athos. The monastery maintained in the area of Metochi​​, called Balabani or Parthenon where in 1924 the refugees from the island of Marmara in Propontida settled after their temporary two-years stay in Limni Evia's and thus created the community of Neos Marmaras.

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