World Forest Day was established by the United Nations to be celebrated on the 21th of March each year to raise awareness among citizens and governments about the importance of forests and all ecosystems for human life, climate conservation and biodiversity.

     Forests were created 380 million years ago and only 30% of them remain. The forest is a complex active organism, it is an oxygen lung, that releases oxygen to the atmosphere and binds carbon dioxide.It is a type of growth where thousands of plants, animals, fungi, etc. survive.· 

 A quarter of the modern medicine comes from rainforest plants.· 

 The forest offers artificial, industrial, fuel, resin, nuts and many other plant and animal products that people use for food, medicine, aromatic products, clothing and other uses.

• Prevents soil erosion from the sudden fall of rain, enriches the underground basins with water 

• Creates and fertilizes soils with deposited leaves, branches, trunks and products of animal organisms that live in the forest.

• In the forests live and feed several wild animals and birds that enriches the biodiversity.

• The forest reduces the greenhouse effect by absorbing huge amounts of gaseous masses and especially carbon dioxide.

• Prevents the desertification of large areas and has a beneficial effect on the phenomenon of climate change by 10-12%, according to research.· Suburban forests help to improve the healthy environment by reducing noise, cleaning the atmosphere from exhaust fumes, pollutants, dust, creating a favorable microenvironment, against extreme temperatures and extreme weather events.

• It offers aesthetic pleasure with the biodiversity and the fantastic architecture of the landscape like the one that we have the pleasure to enjoy on the paths of Sithonia.

• In the pleasant and calm environment of the forest, modern man can walk, calm down, enjoy its incredible beauty.     

     This most important pillar of our lives let us protect from fires, illegal logging. Let us prevent destruction of fauna and flora and "changes of use for special exploitation". 

Let us walk in our forests, protect rare and endangered plants and animals. Let us keep them clean. Let us plant trees in areas that, either by human error or intentionally, have been burned.

Let us teach our children to walk and protect our forests, much more here in the beautiful forest of Sithonia.

Nature has generously given us, as gifts of life, both the mountain with the wonderful forest and the sea. We must protect both of them and pass on to the next generations rich forests and a clean sea.

Let's not forget that according to research:

A tall tree gives as much oxygen as every person needs for a year.